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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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"Muslim travel ban" is the pinnacle of "fake news". The list has 7 very unstable countries riddled with crime/terrorism. Here's the list of Muslims by country. The 7 countries are something like 5% of the worlds Muslim population. But yea, it's a "Muslim ban"
Most of the news outlets I read labelled it correctly as banned nations. Protesters were the ones labelling it 'muslim ban'. News outlets duly reported. Trump supporters found that easier to sneer at.

There is no dispute that those countries themselves have a small percentage of muslims compared with their overall percentage of world muslims. It's just not relevant to the ban, just as it wasn't relevant to the nationalities of terrorists carrying out documented terror events. Saudi, for example.

Dog's dinner of an order, really, wasn't it..?
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