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Re: Nuclear bunkers in CH

A month !!!

In a dark stinking hole, i'll give anybody no more than 30 minutes before becoming totally disorientated and wanting to get out.

Once you were in and the door shut, just exactly how were you to decide when to get out ? No radio , no information, no light....

Whoever got this passed through parliament must be sitting on diamond encrusted bidets by now, it was estimated it added 5% to the cost of a house and there were only a few "approved suppliers" about being Swizerlanded, this was the ultimate screw
It has nothing to do with nuclear attack.
It has everything to do with conventional aerial bombardment, and providing the population somewhere to hide at night and to fight back from.
You should have a firearm, a radio, and a light. Water and food too. Lots of water. Even though Zürich is the only city in the world to have a dual, read redundant, water supply, it becomes very precious during conflict.

Mock the intelligence of the military men who had the foresight to put this into practise, but you will benefit if the worst happens.

If a nuclear bomb is detonated close to Zürich or over Zurich, go out and enjoy the show. You will not survive it anyway due to radiation, over pressure and heat.
Hiroshima was a very low yield and inefficient design, the danger from above that modern fission/fussion weapons present are orders of magnitude more powerful.
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