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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Scotland not joining the EU within a reasonable space of time if it gained independence means it would be cut off from all of the added benefits it brings to smaller countries, and I think Scotland would need those to avoid a real slump.

In my mind the UK is one living entity and I genuinely can't imagine it without Scotland, Wales or Ireland. Some of my favourite people in this world are Scots and I love the culture, the wry humour, and for-the-most-part-friendly rivalry that exists between all of us. I think that Scotland leaving the UK would not only be a disaster in economic terms and quality of life for the Scottish people, but it would also be like breaking up a family with historic ties so deep that things would never be the same again. The UK leaving the EU is one thing, there is no real love there and it was always more akin to a mutually beneficial (mostly, but not always) partnership that was engineered in recent times, but Scotland leaving the UK is another thing entirely and in my view affects the very fabric of our society.
I fully agree that upon Indy, our best bet economically, safety wise etc would be to join the EU (presuming no Scandi-arc alliance on the table).

The stuff you mention afterwards won't change though, your Scottish pals will still be your Scottish pals, we'll still have a friendly rivalry at sports.
There isn't a binary flip switch that says if we leave we'll all immediately start hating all things British. After the initial turmoil, I honestly don't think too much will change society wise...we aren't severing ourselves from the mainland to go and dock off the Hamburg coast, we'll still be your northern neighbours, will still have people and goods moving between the countries, but we'll just have a bigger say on what's going on locally.
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