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Re: Raising Rent from long term Locataires

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Once all of this is done, how do we go on about updating their rent?
Send them a notice on the official cantonal form, which should explain them what rights they have on the back. You need to somehow justify the raise on it too.

You can only raise the rent per the next contractual cancellation date, and you must notify them early enough (more than 10 days) in advance of cancellation notice period so that they'll have a choice to cancel. Use registered post to have a proof that you notified them in the right time, or your raise could be declared legally void and you'll have to try again later.

They currently pay about 500 under the market price around that area.
Using market rents for an argument is very difficult, at least where I am in ZH. If tenants raise a dispute about the rent, the burden of proof is on you and courts demand unreasonably high rigor: 5 contracts of flats in similar location, of similar size, construction period, renovation condition.

Easier to justify would be a relative increase based on investment costs of your renovation, like increase yearly rent by 4-5% of total investment, or by 1/N where N is life expectancy of corresponding parts.

Or you could also just try your luck with kicking out the tenants before the renovation on the argument that planned renovations are so extensive that the flat must be vacant, and then find a new guy at market rates. They can dispute this cancellation though

Do we need a new contract?
No, just the cantonal form. It will work as an amendement of the contract.

Can they refuse to agree with he raise?
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