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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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"Those import tariffs don't stop the Swiss buying foreign meat in CH." This is because local Swiss meat has astronomic prices!

Quick google search;
Rump steak Coop 100g CHF 8.96
Rump Steak Tesco 100g 1.54 (say CHF 1.90)

Even with a 40% tariff British rump steak would still be less than a third of Swiss prices
but not so much French or Spanish, or Polish ...

Totally different kettle of fish, meat and everything else. This is what is being proposed, the UK having to pay tariffs for the privilege of exporting to EU. Switzerland has to pay a fortune to export to EU, has to abide by all the EU regs to do so, has had to agree to free movement of people, whilst not having any say in Brussels. The whole point of a agreed, reciprocal single market is that it is not a free market. How anyone can compare this to buying a steak over the border, si so bizarre.
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