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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Not quite sure you have grasped the trends for Switzerland, and in particular Migros:

'Migros predominantly sells local meat. Nearly all beef, veal and pork originate in Switzerland. However, due to the lack of domestic supply, imports are still necessary for some types of meat, such as horse, rabbit, turkey, lamb and chicken. In Switzerland, animal-friendly husbandry is ensured by strict legal provisions. However, a corresponding legal basis is often lacking abroad, which has a detrimental effect on animal welfare. In 2013 Migros therefore decided to apply the local animal protection standards to its entire range of animal products from abroad. It has demanded that its foreign suppliers comply with the Swiss provisions by the end of 2020 at the latest. Migros has successfully conducted corresponding pilot projects for rabbit and turkey meat. The entire value-added chain for turkey meat was adapted in collaboration with Swiss Animal Protection SAP. On the basis of these experiences, it is aiming to empower more foreign suppliers to apply the Swiss provisions over the coming years.'

And now, all the chicken and turkey and other fresh meats imported, mainly from Germany, Hungary and France- are all in compliance with the same, and checked/garanteed husbandry and feeds than in Switzerland. However, and as such you are right- those standards have not all been reached for frozen chicken- but Migros are working hard at achieving this asap.

China imports for Migros frozen chicken? Link plase.
And if you know that, buy fresh and local (or at least European local).
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