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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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"on here" - i.e. on EF. I think it was either Phos or Loz (I'm not checking through more than 8,000 posts to find out - and it might even have been on one of the other Brexit threads) that were confidentally predicting this a couple of months ago.

Edit - Loz at least, although on another thread:
Lol, yes I posted that, based on bookies odds and polling 4 weeks ago. I didn't account for the desperate last gasp anti-integration message Rutte would come out with, nor their spat with Turkey.
Amazing how many experts there are after an event has taken place, eh? I notice you also didn't post your reply, something along the lines of "with 20% of the vote PVV won't have won anything", I assume you're still sticking to that now VVD have polled about that?

When the Left are cheering Cloggie Tories after they've lost 10 seats, a far right party has seen a 33% increase in the vote and is the second largest party, the top three polling parties parties are various levels of right wing, when this happens, you know things have changed.

In fact, only the Left could hail this as a "victory". How have the left done in this election? Well all I can say is a far right party is now the second largest in "Liberal" Holland. Keep ignoring the issues and watch what happens next.
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