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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Switzerland imposes an extremely high tariff, yet is the most successful country in Europe, despite not being a member of the EU.
I thought the issue is access to the common market, not being a member of the EU or not?
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Edit - Loz at least, although on another thread:
There's three or four virulently anti-EU posters in this discussion. I only say virulently because it has resulted repeatedly in some pretty dubious claims as a result, based on straw-men (see example above) or questionable sources (see example below). Whether this is because of a need for confirmation bias or a deliberate attempt to deceive is another question.
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Lol, yes I posted that, based on bookies odds and polling 4 weeks ago.
You know, you could have save us a lot of time giving any credence to your predictions if you just admitted in the first place that you were doing your geopolitical research at Ladbrokes. You will warn us if your source is the Bible, in future?
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