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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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No it's that they are successful businesses and their business is predicting outcomes.
Actually, their business is not actually predicting outcomes. It's maximizing profit which is not simply a function of the outcome, but is also based on how people wager. It's the mathematics of probability.
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Just noting you're pulling claims out of your arse left right and centre at this stage. You made a claim that turns out to be based on the accuracy of bookies. Now you're making another claim on how accurate said bookie based on... another dubious source to back up your previous dubious source? Seriously.
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It's remarkable, only in modern Europe can a FAR RIGHT party come second in a General Election and it be hailed as a victory for liberals.
Oddly, I agree with you. This debate has become too partisan, too emotional. The Dutch PM and his party can only be called liberal in the same way Obama is a Communist (i.e. he can't in case that wasn't clear), but, as has been pointed out, you and your Kameraden have been coming out with some eye-watering BS too.
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