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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Go and count the sum total of what Left wing parties polled last night.

And then go and look at the current polls in Austria.

Left Wing and Liberal parties:
PvdA - 9
SP - 14
D66 - 19
GroenLinks - 14
PvdD - 5
VVD - 33

Total seats held by the above parties as of 2017 =97.

Total seats held by above parties (or equivalents) in 2012 = 41+38+15+12+3 = 109

Seats needed for a majority - 75.

Now, my maths may be a tad off, but if i remember my schooling correctly, 97 is, in fact, greater than 75...Can anyone confirm for me?

If, in the middle of the greatest crisis of the left wing, the right wing was able to reduce the majority of the left wing parties by only 12 seats, and less than 10%, while at the same time giving a foothold to new left wing parties, in an election they were widely expected to be the biggest player in, and at a time when the traditional left wing party has suffered a massive drop in support then i'm afraid the right has indeed failed.

By the way:

Total increases for all right wing parties = +13 seats.

And that is only if very generously, you include the CDA, who are actually centrist and not right wing. Without including the CDA, your right wing soared in the polls by all of 7 seats.

Total increases for the left wing parties? +22 seats.

Yeah, the left wing is "finished".
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