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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Anyone would think the EU was a nation state...
Anyone would think the UK was a nation state too... and the question is what's the difference, if so? Not a lot other than some time has passed since the Britain was invented as a result of a series of accidents of reproduction, or lack thereof; that Elizabeth I had no issue and so her heir turned out to already be a monarch, resulting in a 'personal union' between two separate and ethnically heterogeneous nations. A monarchic federation of various ethnic entities, that is presently less likely to stay together than almost any other in Western Europe - or other than Spain, what other Western European nation is more likely to see secession?

In fairness, the UK is nothing special in the European context, where it comes to its origins. Spain is another personal union, this time via marriage rather than inheritance, Austria only exists because the Habsburgs didn't want to sacrifice their non-German subjects for the 'ideal' of a greater German homeland. Lichtenstein, from what I can make out, is an independent nation due to the medieval equivalent of a typo, from what I can make out. Indeed, most nations originate not on ethnic grounds, but because some guy with an army said the land was his.

I point this out because to ask a question on whether the EU is nation or not inferring that it is a nonsense to even suggest it, simply betrays a complete lack of understanding of what a nation actually is.

The EU is a super-national entity that is in the process of becoming a nation. It may succeed and be as casually considered as such in exactly the same way as the UK presently is in time. Or it could fail. But to dismiss this really only betrays how uncomfortable such a possibility is for some.
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