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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is. It is exactly what is stated in the treaties that the member states are committed to, it what the majority of voters voted for in parliamentary elections - parties that support a more integrated EU, it's why they have Junker as head of the commission and until the people actually vote for something different it is how it will remain.

This is progressing, regardless of how you feel about it. Even the neutral members such as Sweden, Finland and Ireland are participating, take a look at the Nordic Battle Group. And I seem to remember reading somewhere, that Irish troops were conducting training exercise with the Finish army along the Russian border this winter.
Erm, people don't get to vote, and every time a closer union is put to vote it gets rejected. See how France and the Netherlands rejected the European Constitution. So much so that they had to go away and redress it as the Treaty of Lisbon only for your lot to go and reject it first time out.

In fact it was only Ireland that had a referendum on that, everyone else slid it in through the back door. And note how no one will get to vote on whether or not to have a European Army. One day it will just be there. This is not good.
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