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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

I for one agree entirely with your comments. I didn't actually start this latest chain in the thread "why I HATE Switzerland", I created a new thread which was intended to be a little light hearted look at teh quaint/amusing aspects of life in Switzerland but the postings were all moved to the "Hate" thread by the mods. If you check my Profile you'll note that teh main reason I haven't been anywhere near any "english" forums in any of the countries I've lived in since leaving the UK is that like you, I have no time for the moaning and whining about how this particular place is not as good or whatever when compared to home. As always in a forum, threads develop a life of their own. I didn't intend to start a list of things I hate, merely the amusing quirky aspects of this place - such as the waiting for the green man as noted by one poster.
I agree that if people don't like it here they usually have a choice to make, it might not be practical to just leave but moaning about it won't change things. To be honest, I regret having apparently awoken a sleeping dog with my thread of yesterday. I probably choise an inappropriate title but it was never meant to be a list of stuff I "hate".

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In regards to "hating" Switzerland - does anyone else find that it really gets them down when other expats rant about the Swiss? I know (as a poster rightly pointed out above) that saying "well just pack up and leave" to them is very glib and unrealistic but it really gets me down when people rant about the Swiss/Switzerland.

There are annoying things about living here - no dispute but there are annoying things about living everywhere. For me it looks like Ill be here pretty much pernamently (due to certain life choices/paths). I get homesick - and listening to expats rant makes me even more homesick. I want to make the best of the good stuff and deal with or ignore (whichever is appropriate) the bad stuff.

For me the thing I hate most about Switzerland is listening to expats (who happily benefit from the positives of living here) being unnecessarily negative about Switzerland.

Just my 2c
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