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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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There is a convergence of factors, Brexit is not the only one and I certainly would not accuse the majority of Brexiters to be bigots but, if the evidence remains anecdotal, people feel "freer" to vent openly their prejudices. That in my view is the saddest consequence of the current political climate.
As you say, there has been a convergence of factors. Lots of other things have also changed in the last year or two, ranging from terrorism to political developments outside of the Brexitsphere, to economic change, globalisation, changes in the workspace to even fake news. It's disingenous to reduce it all to one factor.

Both Trump and Brexit have shown what can happen when elites feel they don't need to keep normal dumb everyday deplorable people on board and fail to consult with them and explain things to them or god forbid, even admit that sometimes they are right.

Frustration can vent itself through different channels. But often its a symptom of a deeper underlying cause. I'm not convinced there genuinely is a massive rise in racist incidents, but if there is a slight rise, I don't think racism is the core issue but it's a symptom that people use to channel their anger because they feel something is being taken away from them. Adress those core points of dissatisfcation and I'm pretty sure the racism will also go away. But if people continue to wave their arms and say its all down to the stupidity of the undertrodden, they're just reinforcing the core of the problem.

We're not paying the bill for the mistakes of the last two or three years but the last 20 or 30 years. Systems have a certain lag factor and a certain ability to absorb tensions. But if you rely on that too much you become blind to the breaking point when it's here.
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