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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Don't worry McTAVGE- they have got a solution for the NHS- they are taking people off the streets and fast-tracking them as nurses so that will be OK then.

They did a recent documentary in East Anglia with farmers who employ mainly Polish and other East Europeans to tend to crops and pick them.

They took on several men of different ages (but all fit) from the local unemployment office to give them a work trial. It was very interesting, to say the least.

DB - the huge problem which is NOT being taken seriously by anyone- is that the loss of traditional industries, be it steel or textiles, or mining- has gone, and gone forever. Even the jobs in the car industries require people who are well trained for the job. But at the end of the day, it is automation that will create the real crisis of the not so distant future. The biggest threat to our society is how to address this. What do you do with the people who worked in those industries- and did a brilliant job of it- but are now not really suitable for modern production. I had a group of friends in Leicester who were all ex textile girls- they used to tell me how they all left school at 14 barely able to read and count- but it didn't matter. Then went straight to the local textile manfacturer and got a job the next day- some of them climbed up the ladder and became supervisors- and it was all jolly and grand. What now?

The farmers in East Anglia said clearly, that due to the pressure of supermarket and consumer demand for cheaper and cheaper food- AT THE MOMENT- they can still survive by employing people form Eastern Europe cheaply, who are prepared to work really hard in all weathers, and will ensure the job is done properly (supermarket will reject any boxes that contain 11 lettuces instead of 12, etc.. and if it happens often will switch to another supplier). He said if he can't get cheap labour, who are prepared to live in very simple conditions and do the job well- then it will either mean closing down- or have automated picking and packing. That is the reality out there. And no-one has any answers- neither the Left, because there is no way they can bring the jobs back for their members- nor the right, or even the centre.
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