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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

What needs to stop is people thinking UK pre Brexit: wonderful and UK post Brexit: disaster. Everything that happens from here on in will have *you see, Brexit did this* stamp on it when in fact it was happening anyway and we were well on our way to more despair.

The wonderful magical money world of the EU was awful for many in the UK as globalisation didnít reach very far, not to the poor and working class.. but we were told over and over austerity is necessary to get the country back on its feet and the well-behaved gullible masses believed 8 jobs knob head Osbourne while he stripped away essential services and destroyed the basics needed by the working class, the immigrants and refugees alike to keep themselves upright and on an even keel.

Itís okay for people to believe the bollix back then but now suddenly we are a country of morons? So was everyone lied to about the benefits of brexit, yes absolutely.. were we always lied to re austerity and money earmarked for housing/education/NHS/mental care, yes absolutely.. but for folks to call people morons now for listening to brexit lies as opposed to the decades of the usual trotted-out lies is at best disingenuous and at worse downright nasty, not to mention hateful, stupid and ignorant.

Theresa May continues with the good old tory tradition of lies, lies and more lies: Osborneís austerity policies are being newly implemented to this day. Despair along with racism and xenophobia were already firmly set in the UK well before Brexit came along.. and, I daresay, will continue well after.
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