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Re: Regulations on house rental (Permit B v.s. C)

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szdro - Sorry to go a bit off-topic here...but you have a few different threads going that are raising questions in my mind. In order to provide you with more relevant answers and make sure one answer we post doesn't conflict with another, maybe you could give us a bit more background on what you ultimately want to do?

It sounds like you're buying a house now on a B permit, but you want to get a C permit under VINTA (since you're non-EU), and then leave CH and rent out the house? Or even just rent the house from the start and stay living in a different municipality. Are you just asking a lot of what-if type questions and this isn't all one grand plan? Thanks for clarifying.
I'd been lived in different countries and owned properties elsewhere but never felt so confused about the situations in Switzerland...

Buying a house is a big financial decision, many friends/colleagues warn me not to do it because of XYZ reasons. After clarifying them one by one had me realized most of them are not true, or at least not as bad as they originally came to my attention.

For example, one colleague told me never to buy a house here because as permit B holders, you have to sell your house 6 months after you leave Switzerland. The mortgage broker told me spouses always co-own the house, it doesn't matter who actually buy the house. A friend told me non-EU house owner can never rent the house so it will become useless when I want to move to other places, it will cause significant loss to my financial situations ... etc

After I studied one issue after another, I started to have these what-if questions in finer granularity. E.g. my wife is not interested in learning German at all, so eventually we'll be in different permit states and then I wonder what will happen when we each own 50% of the property but have different permits. What rules should be applied to that case? It's unclear to me and Ivank's answers clarified my concerns more than I need. It's really helpful.

So, what do I ultimately plan? I honestly don't know. Future is unpredictable to me and I just want to know what cards I have and they can be my input when I have to make decisions one day.

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