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Front garden refurbishment questions / ideas

As I have a bit of time on my hands, I'm going to do do a small refurb in my front garden, and turn to the EF experts for guidance on a few open issues, should you wish to help :-)

Heres the plan and questions.

1. Take out the larger gravel part in the middle of the picture (partially soil), and take out and replace the hedge, which will be a pain to get out but I've done it before and am confident I'll get by.

- Depending on how it looks under it, i'll either resoil or regravel with something a little nicer

- The hedge brings privacy from people walking down the street so I want to replace with another hedge (but not cypress leylandii as I have that in the back already) or tree. Any recommendations here on what I might use? I was thinking taxus baccata?

2. For the main path, it is uneven and so I want to take it up, put small gravel under and relay it level.

- I've seen this done here without using a concrete base, but but levelled with smallish gravel underneath, and not using concrete pointing either. Anyone here have experience with that?

- Is it generally possible to find matching stone somewhere in case I want to add to it? Are those kind of paving stones very expensive if I wanted to get new ones? Where do you get them around Zürich, as I didn't see anything very similar in the Jumbo / Bauhaus / hornbach places?

3. At the bottom of the picture, this concrete thing is a bit of an unknown.. I don't know where the manhole goes for example. I'm going to request the original plans for the house to see what it turns up. That whole area does not look pretty and ideally I would break it up and lay the same paving as the walkway but I fear this is too big a job / cost / admin pain for me to do alone or within budget. The crack in it does not seem to be causing any problems.

- Realistically, I cannot do that part without getting someone else in with quite some fuss and cost, so I'll probably just leave that and do it some years down the line.

Your advice appreciated!
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