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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

The UK can't pick and choose- ask for borders to be closed but want Gib to remain opened. Surely. And yes, Howard did hint about war- he didn't use the word as such, but the message was very clear 'Mrs Thatcher went to war over the Falklands, and Mrs May would do it again for Gibraltar'. Such sabre rattling at this stage is so stupid, dangerous and irresponsible.

, Well done Michael Howard! I see you haven't changed a bit since the days you were leader of the Tory Party; you're still the same smug, useless, self-satisfied, obnoxious little wart that we used to hate back in 2003/5. Here's your crowning achievement - to single-handedly stuff the Union in one ill-considered, pompous and pretentious statement.

For those who missed it, today Mikey reminded everyone that back in the days of Maggie we went to war against a bunch of Dagoes (the Argentines) trying to take away a prized British possession (the Falklands). Now another bunch of Dagoes (the Spanish) want to prize Gibraltar away from us, and since Maggie May is just as much the Iron Lady as her predecessor, THIS MEANS WAR! Huzzah!

Unfortunately, the Spanish are not as stupid as Mikey believes; they immediately countered with the news that they will drop their opposition to Scotland joining the EU when it leaves the UK, thereby at a single stroke of Mikey's pen vastly increasing the likelihood of Nicola winning her Referendum. Up till today, having to leave the EU was the only serious obstacle in the path of a viable independent Scotland.

Did Mikey and his idiot friends not stop to consider that the Spanish have been waiting centuries for an opportunity like this, only to have it handed to them on a plate by the Brexit dimwits? As for the Gibraltarians, who voted 98% to stay in the EU, I'm sorry you've been stuffed too, but at least your wishes are easily achieved with dual nationality. After all, who in their right mind would want to stay in a union with Little England after this debacle is all over?

How in hell would we go to war against Spain anyway? Send our rusty rowing boats to invade Torremolinos and Benidorm, perhaps? Maybe they expect the million-odd geriatric expats there to put down their G&Ts and rise up against their evil overlords?

There's only one loser in all this; the English people, one of which I would very much like not to be. There are no words to express the depth of contempt in which I hold those of my countrymen who voted blindly to bring disaster down on themselves, egged on by a cabal of unpatriotic swine whose only desire is more power for themselves and screw the rest of the population.

You should have done it yesterday, Mikey; at least on April 1st it would have made sense.'
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