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Re: Summer vs. Winter Tire Wear

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Automotive gurus,

I need your experience and opinion on tire wear of summer vs. winter tires.

So here's what I have:
  1. Continental summers, about 11K km with 5.4mm average on all 4 tires.
  2. Nokian winters, about 17K km with 7.2mm average on all 4 tires.
Both tires if I'm not mistaken were manufactured on the same year. Obviously used in the same car and I believe driven in the same manner, well I suppose, maybe a bit more spirited in summer.

Anyway, I can't understand how my Contis are 2mm lower with less kms on it? Does the hotter tarmac in summer make it worse? Or, is it just Contis are crap vs. Nokians?
Maybe you were more "spirited" than you think you were...
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