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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

I wasn't remotely interested in what the Leave campaign had to say before the referendum, so why would I be interested now?
What about the promises made by the Government?

You seem to be among the small proportion of Leave voter who did some research and made his own mind. We may disagree totally, but at least I respect that. Most people were swayed by videos showing a efficient NHS without queues and instant cures for the flu, buses with 350/week for NHS, garantees of stopping free-movement, jobs given 'back' to our lads and lasses, school class sizes dropping and ressources increasing, etc, etc- as well as UKIP's posters showing refugees and 'brown' people being refused entry, and the like.

Not a single one of either the Government, or Ukip's promises have come to any kind of frution, even the beginnings of ... And many have now been clearly refuted - like the money for the NHS, or even free movement of people. And other effects are being felt, increase in racism (I know you don't believe that, but ...), prices going up, product size being cut to hide price increases, some products no longer available, the poorest regions losing subsidies, firms closing or moving production abroad, etc, etc - the list is endless.

Of course you are not alone- and I can assure you neither am I. An increasing proportion of people now know they have been lied to and cheated- and they are NOT happy. With such a tiny majority (of those who voted of course, not the country) - it seems that with those oldie leavers who have died since, the youngsters who wanted to remain and now 18, and those who have changed their mind as they realise above - 'the will of the people' does increasingly sound very very hollow indeed. Biggly.

There is no plan, even Baldrick would do better- and there is no-one queuing to get trade deals with UK- unless we pay with pounds and pounds of flesh and our soul - eg drop in environmental protection, import of protected species, animal welfare and additives, pesticides, pollution/emissions, etc, etc.
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