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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Well, as said, I am afraid I disagree. Many vulnerable, frail, poor, downtrodden, unemployed, sick people did believe in the promises made re jobs going back to the locals, jobs coming back that will never come back, in or out of EU (mining, steel works, textile, basic engineering, etc) and re the pressure taken off the NHS, schools, housing, etc, by extra funds taken away from EU to pay for them.

If people were not swayed by such videos and adverts- there would be no need for a Trades Description Act- for the sale of goods and services. Some people are easily taken in, for many reasons- and the above Act is there to protect them from fraudsters- sadly it does not apply to the Government or other political parties.

Are you saying that the German people, in a time of crisis- were not taken in by Hitler's promises that he would make Germany great again?

Watch this video shown on prime TV during the Brexit campaign. It is truly shocking and absolute boll*cks - I think we will both agree- but look closely at the message: It is disgusting and fraudulent, but some people, a significant number (and in such a close result- even more significant). It is laughable but it worked on many:
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