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Re: Why I LOVE Switzerland.

Have you every tried in the company of a few locals to make a throw-away comment about anything, only to have someone explain to you, in detail and at length, the reasons for it ?

Give it a go. A real example: "those wood blocks are stacked neatly. It all a bit anal...".

Most people I know would respond by saying:"Yeah if you lived in the mountains, it will give you something to do in the winter when you are bored rigid."

The swiss answer :
"They are stacked this way to ensure minimise exposure of the wood surface to air (surface area to volume scale factor) and ingress of moisture to keep it completely dry. Also it prevents animals living in it which causes problems for the house..."

Everything has an explanation which is usually rational, but nonetheless by most people from outside CH would be considered pedantic, anal, fussy or just plain unnecessary.


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This is a long-term ex-pat (naturalised or otherwise) defending the swiss to my last dying breath, and explaining in a logical way why everything that the Swiss do makes sense etc.
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