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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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I wouldn't use the term "disappointing", to be disappointed one would have had to have hoped or believed that he would actually do what he claimed he would during the election.

For me personally "unsurprising" would be more apt.
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I always interpreted your stance on Trump as being that you embrace chaos. Seeing as we're now tiptoeing on the edge of the ultimate chaos thanks, in some part, to his actions, why are you disappointed? I totally get the "bombing brown people" point that you've made a few times.
I care little for US domestic policy, being neither American nor living there. And I find it incredible that we suddenly find so many people on this side of the pond who are concerned with goings on in a country with which they have no connection.

US foreign policy is something that does interest me. Before the election Trump made noises that he would withdraw the US from its self appointed role as the world police. This would be good for everyone. That he is now pursuing futile air strikes in the Middle East and Afghanistan is disappointing.
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