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Re: Why I LOVE Switzerland.

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Have you noticed how you'll receive an English joke from someone - it'll be maybe two or three lines with a punchy catch line, you'll laugh and that will be that. A few days or weeks later you'll receive another joke from a German or Swiss colleague with a powerpoint attachment. You'll open it up and it will be the same joke only this time it's been enhanced with lot's of goofy graphics, really annoying letter-by-letter fly-in animation, garish colour schemes and somehow the humour has been removed? Happens a lot I believe

I feel the need to differentiate between German and Swiss colleagues here. We English find toilet humour so amusing and I've found that the Swiss share this view (once the ice is broken i.e. after 4 or 5 years of being neighbours, colleagues, etc). Germans, on the other hand ... "insert Blackadder clip here ....".
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