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You are an English teacher. Drinking tea is part of your job.
well, in this you should only talk about beers and not coffee.

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So you are basically pushing your employers products and support your arguments with the marketing/advertisement crap we are all used to?

Simple example: The capsule recycling system. It's complete BS so that Nestle can counter the obvious argument that Nespresso generates a whole lot of completely unnecessary waste. And yes, aluminium is a great material to keep coffee fresh and many other brands who use plastic add another wrapper around their capsules. But that's still more ecological than an alu capsule thrown into normal garbage...

Nespresso stands for me as the single stereotype of an entire generation of products where the manufacturers made up problems that never existed and manage to sell the solution to consumers with smart marketing. Nespresso is a great busines school case to see how artificially cheap machines can lock in consumers. But it is not the sort of sustainable consumer product we actually need these days.
you are saying it all with so much authority that you have done all life cycle analysis of aluminium vs plastic capsules yourself!
Well, in this way, you should only promote drinking getting your coffee through French press or Turkish pot. I said what is true and has been agreed by most, its the easiest way to get a good cup of coffee at an affordable price. You dont have to drink a nespresso. you may drink up your beers and let rest of the world enjoy good coffee :-)

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