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Re: Espresso machine recommendations

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you are saying it all with so much authority that you have done all life cycle analysis of aluminium vs plastic capsules yourself!
Well, in this way, you should only promote drinking getting your coffee through French press or Turkish pot. I said what is true and has been agreed by most, its the easiest way to get a good cup of coffee at an affordable price. You dont have to drink a nespresso. you may drink up your beers and let rest of the world enjoy good coffee :-)
Easiest : plenty of competition out there so you can't claim this, you could claim the "Nespresso system" is the easiest way, although Dolco Gusto is not particularly complicated.

Good : All depends on your personnal taste profile,m Nespresso coffee is good, but their are plenty of other ones that are equally as good.

: Nobody can claim Nespresso is afordable, the profit margins are indecent, a capsule, all included, George Clooney as well, costs around Chf 10-11cents, they have a 500% profit margin.
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