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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

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If I really want to annoy someone here, I just tell them I have a joke for them: "A woodpecker walks into a bar and asks 'Is the bar tender here?'"
Keeps them going for days. I also find it works well with stupid people back home, too. A good friend had an insufferable girlfriend who i once told that joke to. After three weeks, she finally cracked and asked her boyfriend what it meant. I did, however, get one of the best back-handed compliments from her. I walked into the pub and I heard her say 'Oh, not him - I get headaches when I talk to him'.
A good alternative to that joke is:

Two parrots on a perch and one says to the other, "Can you smell fish?"

Or my all time favourite:

Two cannibals eating a clown and one says to the other, "Does this taste funny to you?"

Neither are suitable for a quick laugh outside of an English speaking land...
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