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Re: What's a good salary in Zurich...

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How much do you get in Germany? No, not really worth it for a family, unless you live in Baar, then it might be doable. The expense of Zurich apartments, childcare availablity and price in Zurich, the expense, hassle and time of commute, plus higher taxes in Zurich. Unless of course you are on 40K Euros or something in Germany...
Are you actually joking? We had a similar situation.... with husband moving from Austria to Zurich with me. He is the main breadwinner. The only at the moment in fact. He made above average in Austria.... Even with the cost of living considered.. was still well worth our move so far. Sure, you pay a crap ton for rent. I'm sure childcare costs will be nerving in our future. But you don't have all the money being sucked out for social costs.... so still worth it. You can also adjust your life.. as you should if you really want to live a new country, a new experience. With that salary it's possible for only one breadwinner especially with only one child. You don't need a mega palace in Zurich... We live in Zurich Kanton but not directly in city. This is a major cost cut and is so beautiful. Vienna was also a fortune for rent and the suburbs to this standard also were more expensive *when comparing to living costs.... So I would say do it. You should really have a look on the official income/cost of living sheet too before you say it's not a good salary.... and whatnot.....
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