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Re: foraging for wild mushrooms..

Many mushrooms can be eaten raw- including the St Georges mousseron (for those interested in languages, the mousseron, via the Normans, gave English the word 'mushroom').

You also have to be careful with associations. For instance the 'coperin' or ink cap, cannot be eaten with alcohol. It's sister, the shaggy ink cap, can.
And also individual reactions. Locally in France, 'le petit gris' or 'griset' is used in dishes in many restaurants and sold on markets. In Switzerland, this is not allowed, as some people, like my mother, cannot eat them without quite a violent reaction. Local names can change too- so it is always useful to refer to the botanical Latin based name, in this case, Clitocybe nébuleux/nebularis.

It takes many many years to become a 'shroom' expert- so caution please- never ever take a risk, and if not 100% sure, check or discard.
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