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Re: Is it worth it to buy a cheap car

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Is it worth it to buy a cheap car?

NO. Absolutely not. Not in Swtzerland. Clearly not for you as you appear to have little knowledge. Probably little or no contacts with local mechanics.

Any repair will end up to cost an arm and your "strategic investment" of a few hundreds/thousands chf can very quickly become a money pit.

Not even talking about the regular "expertises" and they are very picky with anything.


Even spare parts are very pricey.

Cheap car better only in UK or some other countries.

Edit: and dont get fool by most of those who posted above, they are experienced old timers who seems to be very familiar with mechanic, cars. You don't play in the same league, me think.
I don't agree.
The maximum loss on a 1000 CHF car is 1000 CHF. Just make sure you don't repair it.
If it breaks down, sell on Ricardo with a 1 CHF starting price and you will always make some money.
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