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Re: Looking to do business and travel frequently to Zurich

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Hello! Nice to meet you all; I live in the United States and am looking at possibly moving to Zurich as well doing business there for my fashion business. I know it's not a traditional place to move a fashion company, but I'm excited to collaborate with the community and learn as much about Switzerland as possible. Since I was young, I've dreamed of going and I'm finally planning my first trip this summer.

About me:
25 Years Old (Female)
Career in fashion and international relations
Languages: learning Swiss-German, minimal French and Spanish

Current book I'm reading: Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies

I look forward to being about of this forum
You thought about a residence/work visa yet as you cannot be self-employed and your type of business generally tends to be this i think
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