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First question - no. You are only covered for emergencies in EU countries.

Second question - usually it's canton specific I believe, but may depend on the model of cover you choose. For this I'm talking general coverage. If you have an emergency and are admitted to hospital in Vaud for example you should be covered. But visiting a doctor or specialist in Vaud probably not, unless you get permission from your insurer.
Actually, you have it backwards. For non-emergency hospitalization outside your kanton of residence, you have to have permission from your insurer. In many cases, if the service is less expensive outside your kanton, it might not even be a problem. If more expensive, you could be asked to pay the difference. If it's a service not available in your kanton of residence, you can go outside, no problem.

Outpatient procedures, visits to doctors are generally covered outside your kanton. For example, my oncologist and gynecologist are both in Bern and I live in Zurich. I get my mammogram and bone density in Bern. No problem with coverage. I have only basic.

But, like everything else, check and make sure, inform your isurerer.
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