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Re: Is "C" Permit linked to living or working in CH?

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Sorry, but wrong. From the Foreign Nationals Act:

"Section 2: Expiry and Revocation of Permits

Art. 61 Expiry of permits

1 A permit expires:
a. on notice of departure abroad;
b. on the grant of a permit in another canton;
c. on the expiry of the term of validity of the permit;
d. on expulsion in terms of Article 68.2

If a foreign national leaves Switzerland without giving notice of departure, a short stay permit expires after three months, and a residence or permanent residence permit (expires) after six months. On request, a permanent residence permit may remain valid for a further four years."

What she may have done is have her permit put on hold which is possible as she was gaining further education abroad.

If she she didn't put her permit on hold however, then sorry, but it was illegal as she was no longer a resident here.
Firstly no, sorry but what I wrote is not wrong!

Secondly I never stated that it was legal what she did!

She certainly did not notify the authorities that she was mainly in Ireland and rarely in CH. The permit was definitely not on hold as this would not have been granted for the reason she had to be away. She not only lived and studied in Ireland but also worked there part time and was taxed on her income there. She was legally resident in Ireland as well the entire time.

She was legally resident in CH, her permit did not expire nor was it rescinded because she did not notify the authorities so they knew nothing about her being away! Her residency was thus retained.

As mentioned nobody can know the number of nights you slept in CH or in another country in any given year/period.

You can quote the law as much as you want. But in the case of foreigners, C-permits and other permits in CH what the law states and what actually goes on are two entirely different things and you are unable to prevent this from happening.

It is quite possible to be registered as being resident in more than one country at the same time.

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