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Re: Source for an obscure electrical switch part at a reasonable price.

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The brackets are usually standardized w.r.t. the mounting of the guts, certainly within a specific Mfr, but you can't just buy the bit without the bracket, not even at EM. The 4 holes at the outer corner are standardized across all Mfrs.
The part above helped me a lot. Because of the time factor (kitchen in darkness - thank goodness it's summer!) I went to the Migros near work and splashed out CHF 27.90 on a switch. Took it home, installed it and all is well!

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When they fail after such a short time it's usually because some plaster or unterputz has found it's way into the switch mechanism. In general, if a switch lasts 3 years then it will keep going for the next 30.
I can't even remember the last time I encountered a failed switch, except in Thailand (and that one hasn't completely failed yet).

What is stranger still is, I took one of the working Hager switch assemblies out of one of the 3 hall light switches and inserted it into the kitchen light switch. To my surprise, this one didn't work properly either in its new location!

Meanwhile I got a very reasonable quote for an electrician to do the job, which came in at

First hour: 130 chf

The switch it will cost you 31 chf and for install it would take around 10 min.
So I saved myself a little over CHF 130 by buying the CHF 27.90 replacement switch (billing my time at CHF 0 per hour ).

All I have to do now is reinstall the "working" hall light switch.
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