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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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And what if say, we switch conspirancy mode on for a second and there is a secret deal between the remainer tories and the EU to engineer a Brexit just to show the Eurosceptics that their plan leads to catastrophe. That would make a lot of people angry at the Brexiters and discredit the concept of Euroscepticism for at least a generation, while also killing off incipient movements in places like NL and DK. Once sufficient anger has been vented and apologies offered, UK will be readmitted and all will be friends.

OK, highly unlikely to be true. But just suppose if.
We don't even need to get into conspiracy theories for the first bit. Among the speculation immediately after the referendum were the suggestions that:
  1. the rest of Europe would be watching the UK's march towards an exit and if it wasn't too painful, then the rest could fall like dominoes
  2. the Pro-EU lobby would like to make life as difficult as possible for the UK in order to discourage the others

Heck, that's just stuff I remember off the top of my head; no need to look for conspiracies, vested interests are already there in the open.

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