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Re: [Drivers licence] Conversion and questions, Mark II

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AFAIK you can use an automatic car for the Kontrollfahrt w/o any issues or future restrictions. It is open to question how much sense it makes. But also people with an US Americans are given an unrestricted license which allows to drive stick shift cars. They do not even have to do a Kontrollfahrt (considering over there is no priority from the right, crossing solid lines is o.k., and nearly all traffic signs look differently)

You can either contact your local Strassenverkehrsamt and ask them to get peace of mind, or just wait until you get your license.

Anyway, please report back what ever the outcome will be and also happy congratulations to your successful conversion.

would do. the driving instructor said I would be given an unrestricted licence but I just wanted to confirm. I guess the same rule would apply to me.
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