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Re: Is this is a meaningful "offer" to live on in CH ?

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Hi Tucsi,

I have worked for this institution before (a few years ago) and on my contract it said I would received 2,200CHF a month and rent and other costs are deducted from that. My first pay came in at a 'whopping' 1,250CHF. I quickly realised that it is practically impossible to survive on that amount. The school pays for your accidental health insurance but you have to fund your general health insurance which could be as much as 250CHF a month.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted a reply earlier but I am sure that most of the ex-teaching assistants from that school wouldn't recommend that you accept the position as the conditions of the school aren't ideal for the pupils as well as the staff and the 'management' staff of the school are by no means welcoming.

If you have already accepted the position then I wish you the best of luck.
You'd better prepare for court :P
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