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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Well, this old biddy and the other one (OH) voted for what we deemed best for our adult children and all their cousins and family, and for our grandchildren. And no, I would not be prepared to see the economy go down the pan and the above lose their jobs and future. Irrespective of the effect on us, who know we have had a good (even if not always easy at all, and a lt of hard work) innings.

In the meantime, the Daily Mail readers going (to) Beniform are going mad about long queues for extra passport checks at EU airports. You just could NOT make this stuff up, doh bleeding doh incredible. Those pesky foreigners, hey, making our life a misery on our jollies? Next they will be complaining about beer and fish and chips going up on costa del thingy- 'cause the pesky foreigners have deliberately sunk the just to annoy us... like.

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