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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Not really anything democratic about it. There's a big difference between Democracy and just holding a vote.

For starters, the information provided to voters was either scant, misleading, or an outright lie, so there was no informed public.

Second, there were not just questions about that vote, there were questions about the legitimacy of the elections which brought the people who brought the referendum, some of which, IIRC, are still underway. So there are questions about the process.

Finally, as Marton pointed out, democracy doesn't mean 'too late, you voted, it's decided'. The landscape changed before the vote was even complete, suddenly very real impacts were in play that no one considered, the leaders who championed the referendum suddenly left, and suddenly the promises made disappeared. It wasn't a referendum, it was a political sham vote for a non-existent policy.

If that wasn't enough for a renewed referendum, how about the ongoing dysfunction and the government's inability to hold a position?

The whole thing was grossly undemocratic. But even if you believe it's squeaky clean, what is undemocratic about holding another vote to double-check that we really want to do something so incredibly stupid and harmful?
"And I would have said exactly the same thing if the UK had voted to remain in the EU. Honest"

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And we're off once again.... The UK has a sovereign parliament, or at least the like to think they have.... accordingly a referenda can only every be advisory no matter what the outcome. So it foreseen that the outcome of any GE is a mandate to change everything if the government of the day wishes. That is how the UK democracy works.

Next the nonsense about not being able to change a decision made... if one were to follow your logic then they should never have been allowed to make the decision to leave, since there already have been a democratic decision to join and furthermore to continue committing the country to ever closer union by the sovereign parliament.

You can argue one way when it suits you the the other when it does not.

However having a second referendum on it would be a joke, because legally there is no way back no matter what the politicians say. Any EU citizen could take an action to the ECJ requiring that the UK completes the process.
You can dress it up how you want mate. The conditions of the vote were printed on the ballot paper. People had their voices heard. Get over it.
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