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Re: Jura Coofee Machine, Francis Francis Coffee Machine and Bose Soundsystem

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You are being cynical.

You know, if I am OCD and take care of my things and do not even use them that much because actually I have been working so much always, there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong earning well and buying expensive things to your house. Perhaps this is a foreign concept for you.

Those type of comments are so unnecessary.

Emergencies are not a joke, perhaps for you they are, but thruth is that you have no idea what is going on and I certainly do not appreciate this type of comments specially when all I am trying to do is to sell things that I worked really hard for.

Simple as that.
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Bose 30 costs 550 new. Is there something i am missing?


The only one that has the correct purchase price is the last one, the Francis X1, all the others have a purchase WELL OVER what is available on the market....

Cynical or what ?
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