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Re: Cycling in Rolle, Gland, Nyon and surroundings

Hi Emmy,
My name is Nick, I live in Aigle and am also new in sunny Suisse.

After reading your post, I can say without doubt your body is screaming out for more carbs. It sounds like you have made an aggressive start to cycling, which is awesome!!! But the more anaerobic you become and the harder you push your body, the more your body requires glycogen, which is only available through carbohydrates. If your body is an engine, fats and proteins are like the coal that will keep you going all day, at a steady pace. But carbs are the kerosine that your engine needs when it is put under stress.

I had similar problems when I began racing. Typically being someone who lived on a High Fat, low carb diet, I faced similar issues and found that I could dig deep, but the longer the ride got, the less my body was able to recover, simply, it was in a glycogen deprived state. When I finally bit the bullet and went and saw a nutritionist, he shed light on the fact that to push your body, there's no getting round it, you need a carb rich diet (but fats and proteins are also vital) Plus with you doing 400 km per week, which is a tonne for someone new to cycling, you probably need to factor in 2 days of rest throughout the week, as you probably aren't giving your body long enough to recover.

Eating during a ride is also vital, on a typical 3-4 hour ride, especially in this heat + mountains, you need to be shoving down at least 1 bar per hour and a couple of gels, because you lose all your minerals through sweat, which inevitably leads to cramping, which I don't know about you, but I suffer with badly if I don't eat and drink plenty during a ride.

I hope this helps and please feel free to fire back a response. I'm also always keen for a partner in crime to help explore this picture perfect postcard of a country.

See you out on the road,
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