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Re: Motorcycle exam (A) at Albisgütli

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Being relaxed is one of the keys. Focusing on a point ahead the other. Do not look down on the road. This maneuver can be trained every day on the road at every red traffic light, traffic jam etc. A real master does it in 20 seconds or more easily.

Go to work with the bike. Also in rain (you can not pick the weather on the test day). Maybe go for practice over lunch or when not then at least when you ride home in the evening.

Figure-8 (as small as possible). Tip: Start a new circle once your rear wheel is in the middle of the figure-8, look at where you want do drive: The middle of the figure 8.

For the straight slalom the cones are approx 3 meters apart. Try it with different distances (shorter, longer).

For the staggered slalom I read about two version "official" (The mentioned ASA Guideline No. 7 is not publicly available seams to be longitudinal (in direction of travel) 5 meters apart, lateral 3 meters.
A distances of long 4.5m, lat 1.8m seems to be used in Zurich and
Tip: Do it fluid and just like the figure 8. If you get the knack then the actual distance of the cones to not mater.

You will have to do an emergency stop from 50 km/h. Emergency as in to come to full halt as fast as possible. Once you stop put left foot on ground, then take right foot from brake and put it also to the ground. To get confidence master it from at least 60 km/h and on wet road. You still can not pick the weather on the test day.

Some driving instructors offer regular, paid maneuver trainings:
Maybe worth when you are really struggling and need additional inputs or hint. But not really needed.
This is great, thank you so much. Also, I tried the StVA Zug/Steinhausen and it was perfect. During the day it's pretty empty. It starts to get busy at 6pm-ish.
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