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Re: House with Electric heating

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Expect electric heating to get outlawed in the quest for the "Energiestrategie 2050".

[found it here]:

This means you've got 15 years after 2020-ish (when Muken 2014 is supposed to go into law)

Also, these houses are often not very well insulated, their energy usage is thus high.

Replacing the heating in such a house inevitably leads to re-doing all the insulation, bringing it to up to modern standards.

You should get quotes on doing all that and decide if you still want to spend the asking price, if the seller doesn't want to sell at a lower price.

Some numbers I found:
I dont follow this line of thought and I don't think the electrical heating ban will ever come into force here.

For a start Electrical heating is quite economic. I asked about replacing my electrical heating with Gas at the local energy shop and he said I'd save "about 15%" each year max. this with having to get pipes from the road into the house and then pipework all round the house which woudl have been around 40-50k.

Modern radiators have, as well as the temperature sensor: motion detection so they turn on only when people are in the room, scheduling, remote operations as they are connectable to any home automation software plus your electricity to use them can come from Solar or any of the renewable sources.

Therefore you are being asked to replace a green, efficient, intelligent heating source with a heat pump by 2035. The heat pump, bear in mind, isnt any good unless you have good insulation. so an entire house wrapping in insulation along with heatpump install and pipework around the house ? easily into six figures. this is to save the environment of course, which is all that matters, because solar panels clearly arent seen as a green source of energy by the canton.

Bear in mind a massive proportion of heating in switzerland is electric. what exactly are they going to do in 2035, tell people to turn off their heating during winter and freeze to death ?

If you like the house, buy it. the electrical heating ban will not come into force, they are not looking at how technology will evolve.
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