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Re: House with Electric heating

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Since nobody brought it up: Old systems are not just far less energy efficient than new ones - the (really) old ones which very well might still be in use today as electric heating generally does not need a lot of maintenance... had crap loads of asbesthos in them. That's not just a deadly health hazard, but insanely expensive to get rid of.

So if the heating looks like its from the 70s make sure you get a specialist to look at it before you buy.

Old old electric radiateurs are usually two bits of steel thin steel plate with a small space between where electric wires run and heat up thus causing the heating effect.

Modern electric radiateurs aur usually with a prifiled aluminium frame, inside which their is a recatory cement/brick struckture where the wires run.

The brick heats and works as an accumulator, the aluminium profiles significantly increase suface ares thus making a modern radiateur VERY efficient, cost is bvetween Chf 1.0 - 1.5k per KW output as a very rough estimate, very easy to replace though !
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