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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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This is something that I've been wondering about.

Every time Islamic terrorists kill in EU, there are a bunch of news articles "Muslims Fear Backlash", and #LoveDiversity and things like that..."oh, he was just crazy, you can't blame all Muslims"...."the Muslims are marginalized in our society, it's society's fault".... put flowers at the attack location, change Facebook pic to the flag of the country attacked....

...however, when the alt-right Nazis killed one person, there was NONE of that. The Left was fuming with hatred, saying (correctly, BTW) that this is not tolerable in our society. ...but why don't they fume with the same hatred towards Jihadists? Why are they not saying that Islamic terror attacks are unacceptable? Why are they not demanding the Muslim communities do something about the problem? Where are the protest marches for change?

If you want to look at the death tolls, "Nazis" killed about 1 or 2 (?) people in the last 3 years, .... Islamic radicals have killed at least 400-500 in EU alone ....if you want to count Africa and Mid-East, then it's easily into the thousands. But from watching all the protests, apparently the number one threat to our society are Nazis
Don't worry, the West still has the upper hand here:
- Iraq: about a million, and
- Afghanistan: several hundred thousands, and
- Libya, Islamic State, Syria, drones over Pakistan and so on and so on.

While Western military bombs out any resistance in Middle East and Asia with hundreds of thousands of collateral damage, the Western media tries to instill peace on its own territory.
The muslim/Arab/... immigrants from the bombed lands are their peoples natural allies, so everything must be undertaken to persuade them that they don't belong there, and the bombed peoples aren't theirs, and that they're welcome in the host countries, and the same to the natives of course - i.e. your Syrian might have a family there, and you might paint bombs with "greetings from Manchester", but you're supposed to be peaceful next-door neighbors ignoring all these issues and family/tribe/nation allegiances.

The goal of the political correctness of the media is following the political consensus of avoiding escalating tensions locally and keeping the society peaceful.
The question is what the Arab/muslim activists in Europe really want - do they only want US army out of holy land in Middle East, or they also want a sovereign community in Europe. Then ceasing hostilities in ME and Asia might not stop terror in Europe, but would then the smoldering terror be tolerated and societies submit to it?
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