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Re: Billag - how did they find out about me?

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I believe it is going to be based on where you are resident. So you pay once where you are registered as being resident and that should be all. Where you actually spend most of your time, where you sleep, watch TV, listen to radio, surf, work etc. should all be irrelevant.
I don't know if this is accurate, but I would have thought that the town halls will furnish the data of who is resident there to Serafe in this sense, so that everyone is registered once (only) for this charge.

There's talk of further exemptions during a transitory period though for who is on low income or for who has never paid it. Some people obviously have never paid it as they don't have TVs or radios.
Sorry to double-post. Not sure how to add to previous one (or if possible).
Nearly and mostly correct. The one thing you got wrong is that it us still not a person tax but a household tax. If you have more than one household you must pay twice. The new law is available in English (nonbinding translation)
Art. 68 and Art. 69a are of relevance.

The later points to the Register Harmonisation Act (also available in English and its ordinace (not available in English how a private household is defined.

The definition of private houshold can be found in Art. 2 of the ordinance:
"Gesamtheit der Personen, die in derselben Wohnung in demselben Gebäude wohnen;" All the people living in the same dwelling/apartment in the same building. Each "Wohnung (dwelling)" has its own register identification number.

Surprisingly the law and ordinance neither define "Wohnung (dwelling)" nor "wohnen (living)" in any further way (at least I did not see it). A definition what counts as a Wohnung can be found in the Second Home Act
By this definition a Wohnung must be/needs: Suitable for living, a structural unity, a entrance for its own or through communal space, a cooking place, immovable.

That could mean good news for all your boys and girls living in a trailer park: No need for a TV license even after 01.01.2019.
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