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Re: Info for nurses looking to work in switzerland.

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I also received this notice in my package and was wondering if anyone has further information on it... so I received a "nein" to FH but a yes to "HF" Annerkenung provided I send them a B2 German certificate. HOWEVER... I am also supposed to submit my work permit before they give me a "yes"

My current work permit expires in a few weeks and I am going back to Canada. I cannot get a new one unless I have the recognition which is required to apply for a job... seems backwards to me. My boyfriend and I have discussed marriage but I'd rather not do a shotgun wedding in the next 12 months just to have the possibility of registration.

Anyone had luck with this? Obviously I need a permit eventually but you would think the recognition would be first. Makes no sense
Just an update: I had a face to face encounter with someone from the SRK who told us that a foreign nurse will NEVER be able to get an FH recognition, PERIOD. So yes, it will only be the HF recognition given out.

As for the work permit thing, the SRK is only interested in awarding recognition to those who can already legally reside and work in Switzerland. So it does makes sense that that would be a requirement for the recognition process. (Although the general lack of nursing staff is an issue that Switzerland and many countries are currently facing. It would make sense for the SRK to make this a more streamlined process... but that's another story all together).

My best recommendation is to try to find either:
A) a non-medical job
B) a medical job at a lower function (Pflegehelferin, FaGe or Praktikantin) in the meantime, so you can obtain a new B permit.
C) Ask your current employer if there is any possibility of extending your current work visa.

Keep in mind that in order to continue with the rest of the recognition process, you must have a job in the healthcare setting; either, simultaneously with attending the continuing education course (Pflegen in der Schweiz) OR after you attend the class for a total period of 6 months. You must be employed at either 80 or 100% and attend school 20%.

Hope that helps clarify things. I am currently working in a hospital and attending the course they require. I will be finished with everything in the beginning of March, so I hope to have the official recognition shortly after. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask. Good luck!

The SRK has also been informed that their website is incredibly disorganized and not clear and they told the class that they will work on... so there's that lol
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