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Re: Time Between New Residence and Drivers License Conversion

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May be you can get through with English but do not expect it. If you put your inquiry through Google translate also provide the original English and not just the German text as that may be complete senseless gibberish.

For questions regarding permits you have to ask the migration office of the canton you want to move to:
Do not expect a better answer than: "Some weeks" or "It takes as long as it takes."

For questions regarding driving license you have to contact the StVA/SAN of the canton you want to move to:

I may do the later for you. For that I would need do know: issuing US state, how long the license is still valid, into which canton you intend to move, and when you intend to register.

I really appreciate the reply and offer to contact them. I think it's better to hold off on that as from the looks of it, obtaining the residence permit is the trickier part of this equation. I'm financially stable and an EU citizen so I should be eligible without much issue but my situation is still a bit unique and the order of operations is a little confusing for me.

Rather than deciding where I want to live before I even get there, I would rather show up for a month, travel a bit, test our different areas, and then decide. But can you apply for residence once you are already there or are you supposed to do it in advance of arrival and be granted it before you make plans to move? In my dream world, as an EU citizen with financial security, I could just show up. Walk into an office and apply for residence and a license on the spot but that's almost certainly not the way it works.

So I need to figure out the smoothest way to get residence. I realize most people are not as flexible as me in deciding where to live so it's a bit of an unusual circumstance. I can't find a place where you apply online or anything of that nature and I've found no forms in English so it's a bit tricky to see how best to tackle all of this. From the sounds of it, the license part will be more simple and the information on this forum is excellent for that.
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