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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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It's a well-publicized fact that if Trump's inheritance had been invested in the stock market and left alone (in an index tracker), he would have made more money than he has from his businesses. That tells me that Trump is a below-average businessman.
That's an utterly retarded conclusion. You have been watching too much CNN and Young Turks. A lot of businesses and industries have lower returns than the S&P 500 such as steel, paper, construction, etc., just to name a few. Still, these companies generate a lot of jobs and pay a ton of taxes.

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Furthermore, he is renowned for screwing his suppliers and contractors, and has no concept of loyalty (have a look at the revolving door at the White House in these first eight months of his administration). Another indicator of a poor businessman.

He's not an utter imbecile; just a poorly educated, borderline illiterate, mentally unstable, poor businessman who has none of the qualities or capabilities to run the United States.
He graduated from the UPenn, one of the best universities there is. I don't think it is nowhere near to "illiterate".

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Trump was indeed lucky (or picked his moment well) to run against Hillary Clinton, the least electable Democrat possible. Winning a popularity contest against the least popular person in the room by delivering lie after insult after unkeepable promise doesn't make Trump smart or clever.
The only part of your post that I agree.
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